Hardware Store La Umbría

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Ferreteria la umbria Ferreteria la umbria Ferreteria la umbria

Hardware Store - Droguería La Umbría

We have everything you need:

Painting, Oils and lubricants, Drip irrigation, Houseware

Adhesives and adhesives all-purpose

Alcayatas and hooks

Special products wall and material work

Blisters special screw, studs, rivet

Specific products for wood

Mailboxes, baskets, keychains and letter boxes

Cleaning products

Nails, tips, tacks and wire

Leather and skin treatment products

Electricity lanterns and accessories

Metal treatment products

Electricity.bubbles, halogens and tubes

Products treat marble and stone furniture

Electricity. Cables and fixings


Electricity. Collection mechanism

Silicone and insulating products (sealant)

Electricity. Lights, hoops and light fixtures

Tacos and fixings

Electricity. Small electrical equipment

Special screws for wood


Screw thread sheet metal

Electricity: meters

Threaded rod, nuts and screws

We make your painting to measure.

Town Hall Canillas de Albaida

Nuestra Señora del Rosario Square

29755 Canillas de Albaida


Phone: +34 952 55 30 06