San Anton Festivities

The weekend closest to the 17th of January, the feast of St. Anthony is celebrated. This festival is very significant for all the people who own pets.

According to a legend transmitted orally, the festival commemorates a victory against the Moors, although other hypotheses speak of the "Christianization of a pagan festival that had been held previously"

The feast of San Anton is organized by the Stewards of San Anton, with the cooperation of all residents and businesses as well as The City of Canillas de Albaida.

Begins on Friday afternoon with a solemn besapié to San Anton in his hermitage.

Saturday afternoon the bells ring from the Hermitage of San Anton. Then the procession pattern begins from the chapel through the streets of the village to the church. And when you get to Llano de La Fuente is greeted with fireworks. After the procession starts Verbena.

Sunday morning begins with Mass in honor of San Anton. After the Mass, he begins the pilgrimage followed by numerous neighbors with their horses, mules pets. And upon arrival at Llano de La Fuente, starts the traditional blessing of animals.

After the Saint is taken back to his hermitage, and then the butlers invite all residents and visitors to a tasting of fried meat, sausages, black pudding, and beverages. All this enlivened by an orchestra. So the dance continues until the evening, ending with a fireworks finale.

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