Fabrica de la Luz - Factory Light

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The intense landscape of the Light Factory is one of the best showcases of the Natural Park of Sierra de Almijara, Tejeda and Alhama. And one of the most beautiful natural sites of Axarquia. Which is located just three kilometers from the village of Canillas de Albaida.



The first factory light Canillas de Albaida was created in 1915, in the lower part of the village. It was of low voltage (150-155 volts) and gave light into Canillas, Corumbela Árchez, Daimalos and Arenas. It operated until 1920 and after the war became a flour mill. In 1959 it moved to its final location on the river Turvilla, getting a three-phase power motors able to move. The light was weak and suffered brownouts. In addition to lighting, this energy they ran a sawmill and a mill. Both facilities were located in Llano, at the entrance to the town. The Light Factory was sold in 1945 to a bank and then purchased Sevillana, which remained in operation until 1966. Maintenance personnel remained on it for 24 hours. Apparently the truck Sevillana, which came and went to the village, was used more than once as a transport for the maquis of the saw.


Overview of the Power Station Canillas de Albaida (Antonio Salguero drawing).

Taken from a digital book about the industrial history of the Axarquia, very curious. Download Link


Currently, the facilities of the Light Factory in Canillas de Albaida are in complete ruin and beautiful setting is well known for hikers and walkers.

The place is a recreational suitability, shaded by magnificent walnut trees and the crystal clear river Turvilla providing great charm. Water fall with intensity for most of the year, forming a beautiful picture between rocks that have been eroded and small waterfalls that make up its own soundtrack. In its surroundings are the Cave of Piletas and Quejigo Cave.

In light of factory, we can enjoy different services: a barbecue area, a shelter run by the Junta de Andalucía, camping area, picnic tables, services or just have a nice picnic. At the bottom, surrounded by the river Turvilla, we can find other places to camp between rocks and oleanders.

In this environment, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility that nature usually provides us. It is worth exploring both sides and sampling the whims of these streams, in the shadow of the abundance of trees in the area.


Currently converted into one of the most charming recreational areas of the province, where sources abound, and the rumor told water from the brook Melero waterfalls surrounded by lush vegetation make it a prime spot for camping and strategic starting point for several hiking and mountain trails that run through the Natural Park, which runs in his first few meters along the river and then goes into the mountains to reach the Puerto de Competa. Around the town of Canillas de Albaida various natural and environmental attractions meet. From the town can undertake many excursions.

However, the first time you visit this place is convenient intensely enjoy it and let the tours planned for a second day.

Botanical variety

The environment surrounding the recreational facilities, there is a large variety of plant species. Often you can see strawberry, oleander, white willows and ferns, which make an interesting contrast with the areas cultivated by man, with fruit trees, olive, fig and walnut odd.

How to get there

Fabrica de la Luz

From Address:

Once in Canillas de Albaida, take the paved trail that part of the Hermitage of Santa Ana (639 m) in the upper part of town, which will gently skirting the mountain ascent. 1.3 km Hermitage arrived at a crossroads known as "The poplars", in which we deviate taking the trail to the left, if we continued we would go straight to Puerto Whitey, classic starting point for the ascent Lucero or Raspón the Moriscos. Factory is marked, also serving as guide signs leading to the quarry, as they are relatively close.

From this crossing the road begins to descend into the narrow river valley Turvilla the Plains, the greenness of these slopes and abundant fruit trees terraced distributed indicates the presence of water in this area. For a perfectly paved trail pass next to a gravel quarry that will be on your right and then immediately get to a deviation in the form of, "Y" where we take the road to the right that will take us to the recreation area of ​​The Factory (720 m).

Information and reservations: Delegación Provincial de Medio Ambiente.
C/ Mauricio Moro Pareto, 2. 3º. 29071 Málaga.
Tel.: 951 040 058. Fax: 951 040 108
Number of places: 30
Carácter: Público
Facilities: Picnic tables, barbecues, public fountain, shower, sink, toilet and parking outside.
Requirements: Shelter: for groups and cultural activities
Access: Asphalt road signposted from Canillas de Albaida
Price: Free
Comment: Open all year. Camping need permission given by the Provincial Delegation. Junta de Andalucia
Currently is not to fire BBQ or whatever from June to October each year in any recreational area located within a natural park as in this case.


Town Hall Canillas de Albaida

Nuestra Señora del Rosario Square

29755 Canillas de Albaida


Phone: +34 952 55 30 06